Cleaning and Disinfecting (Covid-19)

4 anos atrás

Hygiene is important to keep away the Corona Virus (Covid-19) or any other kind of Virus, this type of cleaning is essential! Hygiene is a set of rules and techniques related to health preservation and disease prevention. Hygiene is achieved by cleaning and disinfecting an environment and the objects in it.

The Fabulous Cleaners team is qualified for this type of service. Our customers, owners of clinics, offices, homes..., are satisfied with the results of our work. Daily or weekly cleaning and disinfection is maintaining the good health and well-being of professionals as well as customers. 


• Increases the quality of life and health;

• Increases credibility for the company;

• Increases awareness and discipline;

• Contributes to the environment in a good way;

• Assists in the optimization of time;

• Promotes creativity among teams.


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