Cleaning Service: What does the deep cleaning service include?

4 anos atrás
This type of service is perfect for keeping the house clean, organized, free of dust mites and bacteria and overall a pleasant environment . This is a type of detailed cleaning. This means that every inch of your home will receive special attention.
Deep cleaning is also suitable for people who are preparing for a special moment, either a trip or an event, or a change of address. This type of cleaning service will add a special touch to your home.
Check out some of the locations we focus on during our deep cleanings:
• Ceiling fan blades;
• Lamps;
• Blinds;
• Frames;
• Skirting boards;
• Waste baskets;
• Baseboards;
• Behind the refrigerator and stove;
• On top of the cupboards;
• Inside the closets;
• Behind furniture and behind beds;
• Cleaning inside the oven of your stove;
• Cleaning inside the refrigerator and your freezer
• Clean fireplace;
• Whites will become whiter;
• Etc.
This type of cleansing prevents the spread of bacteria and diseases to the family. Last but not least, always hire a qualified and reliable team to carry out the deep cleaning service of your home. After all, we are taking care of the most important space for you. Call Fabulous Cleaners to make this work for you. We specialize in detailed cleaning.

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